Rusty Iron 2016… went off without a hitch.

Rusty-2016-front-chstSince before we opened the doors here at MANVIL, we’ve been helping out with the production of the Rusty Iron Hawaiian Canoe paddling race. The race is put on by Pacific Outrigger Canoe Club, and it’s all volunteer staff try to make sure the effort is safe and fun for Outrigger paddlers from all over the Pacific Northwest. The event is the first race of the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Canoe Association season, and it’s currently held at Frenchman’s Bar just west of Vancouver, Washington on the last Saturday of April. (Excepting this year natch!)

With that in mind, we always try to put a great design together for the event, as everybody who signs up for the race gets a tee. We’d rather they enjoy the tee, than use it as the next rag to wipe the canoe with.

Our first concept was to create a sort of tapa pattern in order to represent the race, but then we thought better of it. Rusty-2016-HI-ChoiceAlthough pretty damned good looking (IOurHO) we wanted to boost the Northwest component… So plaid! Much grunge!

Once the swing towards plaid was chosen, we tried to provide the most color coverage without using more than two solids. How to solve that?  As an exercise providing the most bang for the buck we varied color densities and were able to create a rich image with a lot of depth. We think the he exercise was successful, and seeing how the entire production of shirts was sold out only supports us.

So here’s a look at the bill of materials we threw together for the production team. (Please note: the text is irrelevant as the shirt color was changed mid-stream.) The entire production was put together by Oregon Screen Impressions who did their own special magic to produce some pretty fine lines in a beautiful manner. They do excellent work and we can’t promote them enough.



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