Concept to production… the Soap Sticker

patch roughProduction for Portland Adult Soapbox 2016 has had its pleasant challenges, and also its very cool educational tidbits.

MANVIL, for all that we do and have done, has never had the opportunity to make a patch for an event. PDX Soapbox changed that, so we focussed our efforts on making something rad. We put together the image at the top, and then proceeded to hunt someone down in Oregon who could provide the finished product. After a few google searches, some intense question asking and some kind responses from other graphics folks, we came across Lee at EMC Patches in sunny Rogue River, Oregon.

We took a bit of time looking at his prior productions, the thread count, the backing, and the stiching densities, and chose Lee because in all honesty, there aren’t a whole hell of a lot of stitching teams in town who aren’t under contract with one large Portland athletic company, or three others for that matter. I got together with the PDX Soapbox staff and we chose to go with Lee based on his awesome array of prior works! I’m just gonna shutup and let his superior product speak for itself…Patch

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