Update Continuum…. Wild Root Farm!

Since we’re still on the catch-up on the year (and a few months) review, let’s mention this gem!


Clients based out of Sandy, Oregon have a farm that grows mushrooms! (The edible, yum for food sort) The farm has been a key check on the bucket list for my buddies who put it together, and they want to proudly display and sell the fruits of their labor. We put our heads together and figured out a design that matched their self image. Strong, clean and bright, the mark functions well with all of their marketing efforts. It’s not for the timid, but that goes the same for farming. Incredible amounts of effort and love go into making a farm work. Wild Root Farms fits the part. You can find them at the Wednesday Moreland Farmers Market in Sellwood.

Because they’re just starting out they targeted shirts, packaging materials and bumperstickers. And we have to admit their kinda rad!


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