SOAPBOX! New graphics, new BOMs…

PAS-Logo5-MANAs with any community gathering, some folks are going to want some reminder of the great to do, and since tees are what MANVIL lerves doing, we pitched in on production of racer, volunteers and visitor apparel. It should be noted that not all of these images will be produced, as this is apparently a family friendly event. (And fanciful names for the absurdity of swiping a phone to kill imaginary goblins are frowned upon.)

Anywho, the tees have been sourced, and are set to be printed by none other than Thorntown Screenin Ink, in SE Portland. Their support of Derby is noted, as they’re going to print some large numbers, but what should be noted also is that Adam and his crew work tirelessly to make great product.

Soap-VOL-Shirt-BOM Soap-Hoodie-BOM Soap-Ring-Shirt-BOM Soap-OG4-BOM


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