They had a Monstera of a time!

Hell-somebody-Claim-FinalHuge, lousy puns are a part of the gig here. A rolling of the eyes is fairly standard, and really, taking things too seriously is something that can be tedious.

So when our fine couple here decided to get hitched, they wanted something light and easy going for their big event in Hawaii. There should be a theme, there should be some formality, but there really shouldn’t be something that might be considered “wedding formality”. Like, ‘off the shelf’, or, ‘our wedding planner said so’ formality. And the floodgates were open.

The betrothed liked orange and marine blue. They liked the idea of a central image. And the wedding was going to be in Hawaii. Go!

First, ya gotta get on a plane, and since they require a luggage tag, use that. Of course, go for old school. Real tags, with a brass punch, and a hole and a string. Just like ye olde school airlines. (Besides, it’s rad!) Drop a magnet on the back because if people are going to save the date and go to this kinda thing, it might be nice for them to think about it for a few months. (Hawaii is nice, but flying isn’t free, and neither are hotels.)

The monstera plant was a chosen favorite as well, because rad, and Diamond Head gets a placement, because Hawaii, specifically, Honolulu.


Hell-somebody-THE-inviteNext, the invite: A little bit formal, holding the colors, with some heartfelt nuance in the text. Put the main logo up top, make it look nice and formal-ish.

Yeah, this is the part where we’re willing to concede to fashion. Nobody needs to make the invite to a wedding look like the printer barfed toner, or the designer had a tab of acid before plundering the font store.

Legible, straight forward, and perhaps a little glam in the font. (Wives seem to like glam or this whole thing is for naught.)

Finding an appropriate envelope that is stylish yet so chic also works wonders. (They went for orange from a box store and saved hundreds)


Finally, if you want to hit the damned ball out of the park. Design a thank you card. Seriously, we stayed on theme and they loved it. Quirky and heartfelt, yes. The standard, hell no. It had just enough fun to make the experience enjoyable, and the folks who received them knew where, and who it came from! Good times for the whole family.

Hell-Somebody-Aloha! Will we be hired again to brainstorm something like this again… who knows, but it was a freaking blast as it happened. And the couple still takes pride in the work.

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