Here’s to the Rusty Iron 2015…

Rusty-'15-Tee-FINSo its been a while working on a rather large side-project, and after the good work with the Ford F-150, it was time to do the annual Pacific Outrigger Canoe Club, Rusty Iron graphic.

We’ve been in a bit of a Hawaiian kick of late, and in doing so, we stuck to our hometown style and made this graphic for the race.

If you look closely, as if that’s truly possible with the image provided, the flowers are actually based on the blade end of Hawaiian canoe paddles, and the chest logo is a mirrored graphic for the logo of the race with a semi-firey notion at the top.

Pineapples are a cultural reference of welcoming, and since the race is often visited by teams that have driven some distance, we figured it was OK to show our Aloha to the visiting teams. The six “quilt” patterns are representative of the six paddlers in every OC-6 race boat.

The print is being put on a nice 100% cotton tee on a color called “Blue Dusk”. We’re pretty sure they’ll be rad. We’re looking forward to the race at Frenchman’s Bar on April 25th.

We’ll get some more recent works on here as well.




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