A little lesson about minding the P’s, Q’s and the starfish…

Rusty-Iron-debacleWith almost tiresome frequency, we at MANVIL admit we love design. We enjoy putting things together that are nice to look at, for us anyway. It is, however, always important to step back and look at a design with other eyes.

So when we considered putting a back-ground pattern together for a Hawaiian print we sort of focussed tight on the task at hand and we got creative.

The Pacific Outrigger Canoe race at Frenchman’s Bar was to be held Saturday April 26th, and as usual we worked the design aspect for the team. We thought we’d put together a reasonably nice shape to surround the logo and content, and we wanted to throw together some image that could be used as backfill to keep the eyes busy.

Now pattern design isn’t necessarily our strong suit, but it wont ever be if we don’t start trying to figure out how it’s done.

We took the swoopy design and threw it together with other versions of itself: forwards, backwards, inverted, melded, meshed and mal-aligned. When all was said and done, we got the image to work as a pattern, and we were kinda stoked because essentially, we’d fallen so deep in the rabbit hole of design that we were excited to get a perpetually repeating pattern the likes of which looked pretty damned good… until it underwent a second inspection… and we (and others) noticed things.

Lots of things really. Long things, saggy things, thick things, puckered things, all sorts of ‘things’ that would not be suitable to promote as a pattern for a nice Hawaiian shirt.

We ran the design up the flagpole to have it shot down in a blaze of censored glory the likes of which we had clearly not recognized. And we’re glad we were shot down.

We went from ‘pleased creatives’ to ‘skeeved-out designers of Larry Flint’s Hawaiian boudoir wallpaper collection’ in under forty minutes, and we have to admit, we’re still kinda laughing at it. The whole affair was an innocent gesture that, upon review, looks pretty much like we were some half dosed, early 70’s porn cartoonist.

So here it is. And if anybody uses this, you should possibly have your mouths washed out with soap.  😉RI-oh-dear-ii


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