MANVIL: We stuck it to Jared

Anne's-giftWhen the lead designer at MANVIL came across the conundrum of finding a suitable ring for his fiancé, instead of paying out to somebody to provide a design, he brought it in house. He stuck it to Jared.

Designing a wearable item requires a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. It has to meet several criteria:

1) It needs to be durable: We enjoy active, outdoor stuff and don’t want to spend time repairing dings and mars, or weeping over lost stones. The metal that was chosen was 304 stainless steel.

2) It needs to be kind of mechanical: The company is MANVIL. We love tools, and if you can’t use tools making this thing where’s the love!?

3) It should be kind of design heavy: Function/form -v- form/function… you know the drill. It has to keep our attention while building it, and if it draws a bit of attention, all the better.

4) Production needs to be somewhat challenging: A bit of sanding and grinding doesn’t hold the interest as much as a multi-dimensional design. If the designer is challenged, then he might learn something.

5) The plain yoke needs to be removable in order to switch out to the stoned yoke after the nuptials are all said and done.just ring

6) There’s one more that we can’t recall right yet.

We’ve had some choice work with a number of vendors, for any variety of fabrication work and we’ve yet to come across someone we couldn’t or wouldn’t recommend. Such is the case with Profile Laser. We provided a precise rendering of what it was we were looking for and they lit up the lasers and cut us a few choice blanks. From those blanks we ground, sanded and filed our way to the perfect fit on her finger. At that point all the joy was focussed on finding the right sized bolt, drill bit and tap to affix the yoke.

The process itself was illuminating, and it should be mentioned that it was not some simple walk in the park. As with anything done for the first, second, third, fourth and ultimately fifth time, choice words were spoken, blood was spilled, and there were more than one or two self-imposed time outs given. Lessons range from: “carbide drill bits are vastly superior to black metal bits” to “hole tapping surfaces must be lubricated constantly and held on a set base, not by hand” to “brass screws can’t handle the torque of a long screw driver”.

The base is sand blasted, the yoke is polished to a high shine, the bolts are the eighth purchased and there is not one complaint about the effort it took. Because she accepted it with graciousness and love, and in doing so, WE stuck it to Jared.

The ring






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