MANVIL: Keep shoveling

Beaten2At MANVIL, we’ve not gotten into graphics because it’s easy.

We love making original graphics. Seeing the finished product of design come to fruition, when done right, is a feeling somewhat akin to child-birth for us. We’re thankful for great vendors big and small, and we’re thrilled for great clients, we’re also very thankful to the folks on the sidelines who appreciate our efforts.

In the last few weeks any number of cities in the US have been muffled with a blanket of snow. When that weather came to Portland last week Friday, we at MANVIL were supposed to be at an event called SWACCESS. We were supposed to be getting into the start-up spirit, and we had just finished getting all of the SWAG together. Braille embossed bottles, and braille embossed tees. No, they’re not necessarily rocket science, but great looking gear none-the-less. And just making the attempt to include blind folks in the ownership of graphic tees seems worthwhile.

As we left the tee printers office (OSI) with a still-dryer-warm box of tees, the snow began to fall in Portland. As anyone who uses a powered chair to commute can tell you, snow accumulation ends outdoor wheelchair travel. It also hampers mass-transit, along with all other traffic, and it strains the skill sets of guide dogs. Essentially, truly foul weather put the kibosh on our Access oriented gathering… and we were all bummed to hear it.

It was, however, the only option with the weather at hand.

SWACCESS will happen, the bottles and tees will keep, it just can’t happen with 4+ inches of snow on the ground.

In a display of the true fickle nature of Portland’s weather, the snow has all melted, the streets are all clear, and the sun is out. It’s currently 48′. We didn’t even have the chance to dig out.

So here’s what we at MANVIL threw together as a tribute to the efforts put together so far.

You can rarely do something you love and believe in without taking a few lumps. Get beyond them, and keep moving forward. It’s worth it.


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