The Holidays and MANVIL

Eggnog-Ala-MANVILEvery years end, or close as it may be, should be a time for reflection. And at MANVIL, we’re not so different.

Some years just seem to sync up well, and 2013 was one of those years. Hitting on all cylinders for some new and awesome clients, putting together projects for clients that might otherwise be out of our wheelhouse, and even playing with new medias, 2013 was a time of growth.

We put together some great projects, and we are proud of them all. Then again, some other folks put together some brilliant ones themselves… Projects we feel are deserving of a little high-lighting. For this reason, our graphic celebration of the holidays/near years-end includes an example of some work we’ve seen. Work that deserves a second look by folks from the other end of the planet, you know, the one below cancer’s waistline.

Last year an Australian ad firm named The Monkeys, got together with a graphics team from MAUD to create some graphics to promote the buzz for a site called . They’re a little bit Rothco, and a little bit rum soaked, and we think they’ve missed a few images, but we also think the artwork is beautiful.

So without any inclination to hide the fact that we’re only making their ideas more appealing, here are two additions to MAUD’s line-up of bevvies. Merry Merry to all!

If you are ever in Honolulu, go to the House Without a Key at the Halekulani and have a Mai Tai while watching the hula show. Life doesn’t get that much better than watching Kanoe Miller dance as the sun sets and the Meyer’s and Bacardi softens the blows of another day away.

Aloha! From Air Waianae! HWK-Rocks-Glass-Mai-Tai2

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