MANVIL once again stoked to provide tees for ICON/TLC 4×4

TLC-121-SPEC-BOMAt MANVIL, we have an obvious favoritism when it comes to off-roaders. We’ve had some great experiences on and off road, but in the last 6 years we’ve had one off-roader that has been our first choice, the Toyota Land Cruiser.

It wouldn’t be fair to say we’ve driven all of the 4x4s out there. We’ve driven a lot of them, but certainly not all of them. We’ve owned some real gems, but the one that currently holds our true respect and devotion is the big LC from ARACO.

So with this obvious love, we’ve been able to design some great things for companies that also hold the FJ series of vehicles in high accord.

Without much question ICON 4×4 and TLC 4×4 are inter-ralated. Both companies are creatively related to Jon Ward‘s vision of how vehicles should be made. Where TLC 4×4 rebuilds old Land Cruisers to the standards of  the original ARACO manufacturing plant, ICON 4×4 creates rigs that surpass what could be done as a major manufacturer. Their materials, design, ability and attention to detail simply can’t be justified by the accounting branch of a modern carmaker.

We put this design together for TLC to show off their product not ours. They build/rebuild the best in the business, so getting all footloose and fancy free with their design isn’t our gig. Our gig is to let their finished product shine, and to emulate their branding and colors. We like these shirts, we love their product, and we look forward to a continued collaboration with ICON & TLC.

Behold, the TLC shopman’s tees.


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