It’s true, MANVIL loves the ICON Derelict line-up…

ICON-Derelict-Logo-2 ICON thriftmsterThe old saying goes that everything old is new again…

At MANVIL, we know that design works that way too, and still, we appreciate it. At ICON, with their Derelicts line-up, they put more of a twist on it.

If you’re into cars, and we at MANVIL are INTO cars, you’ve probably had the opportunity to see what Jon Ward put together with his Thriftmaster Dodge. It was heavily inked at SEMA as one of the coolest projects on the floor. And the Thriftmaster is a gorgeous rig, but we at MANVIL have always been partial to the sleepers. Cars that act as the old Q ships used to.

Q ships were built to look kinda regular, without a lot of bristling, puffed shirt display. They weren’t in the convoy to draw attention, they were in the convoy to kick an overconfident aggressor’s ass.

So when ICON laid the foundation for the Derelict line of projects, we were excited. What could be a better Q-ship than an old, broke-assed (read: heavily patinaded {{for real, that’s the word}}) early 20th century coupe, sedan or wagon with a fully tuned frame and engine lurking underneath the shell. There is a lot to be said about putting all that in one car, and although these things aren’t cheap, they are awesome. Ask the guy at Motor Trend, he lurved the rig!

Considering what that the next Derelict rig might look like, we put together some ideas of how to show off that the monster is truly an ICON product. It had to be an old school style brand mark, but it also had to be displayed prominently. All told, the logo we put together might not work as well as the fully manufactured Thriftmaster logo on the left, but a design challenge isn’t to set anything in stone. A design challenge is to envision things that might be.

Have a great holiday.


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