MANVIL and the ʻāina airports

Hi-18-StickersAny traveller enjoys keeping track of where they’ve been, and coming from the melting pot of the Pacific gives an interesting view of the world. MANVIL’s experience in Hawaii gave us a curious take on the globe. Despite having had a great education, we kinda believed that our island home, or the ʻāina as we refer to it, was the center of the known universe.

Times change, and so too do opinions, but down home on the island we see getting around the island we were raised on like a little bit of world travel on a much smaller front.

So we sat down one day and put together some proper travel stickers for the benefit of knowing where we had been.

Of course, this is not a representation of all of Oahu, and there are a lot more ‘destinations’ around the state. Seven beautiful islands with some of the most varied terrains the world has to offer.

We aim to get to them all when we have the chance to and perhaps if all goes well, we’ll be able to move these forward as a project to include some of the greater surf spots and touristy type locales.

Viva Hawaii, a place we’re very proud to say we have always considered the ʻāina.


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