MANVIL in support of Startup Weekend Access!

SWACCESSPDX-Logo-sml2Start-up weekend has been a friend to MANVIL. We enjoyed our first opportunity to be a part of Startup Weekend in the winter of 2012, and we had a blast.

Not only did we have the chance to rub elbows with some of Portland’s best developers, designers, marketers and managers, we spent almost 72 straight hours with these folks. (If you think human interaction is dead in the age of the interwebs… think again.)

This was not some intermingled-cross-country web conference. The weekend was a hands on experience where all the folks put their hearts and focus on the line to try to put all skill-sets to work towards building a potentially global business out of an idea over the span of 72 hours. Not that they’re all on the same team either. You get to choose the team you’re on from a line-up of ideas that run the gamut from “Oof-that’s genius” to “bonafiably hairbrained”. (MANVIL can’t judge too harshly, we thought the idea of a 140 character microblog sounded dumb…)

As fate would have it, our MANVIL Tools Cards App wasn’t chosen to be pursued by a full fledged team, but we joined another cadre of folks and we had a blast putting OHANA together. We had a great time putting the project together, and the OHANA concept was well received, but the greatest thing to come from the weekend was the opportunity to get to know more of the community we work among. At MANVIL, we’re kinda big on community, so we kept in touch with a batch of our Startup compatriots.

This year MANVIL was asked to help design the graphics and work on the marketing for Startup Weekend Access. Simply put, Startup Weekend Access is about providing the Startup Weekend experience for folks who have disabilities. Any impairment, be it visual, speech, hearing, mobility, or cognitive, creates a challenge for those who are affected, and it’s Startup Weekend’s ambition to level the playing field. The Portland Development Commission is providing the space, and more sponsors will be recognized soon.

Here’s the first of the images we put together. Trust us, more are on the way.



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