MANVIL the build for Soapbox 2013 – continued

Part II of The Saga for The Hunt for Red Octoberfest:

Photo by Victor von Salza- Thanks!With the frame in place on the racing chassis, we had some simple issues to address.

The brakes as we knew them from the previous year were, in a word, useless. Oh, they had calipers and discs alright, and they might have worked marvelously, had they received any of the brake fluid that was sent to them. Alas, the small volume brake master cylinder that was last years set-up was painfully inadequate. This issue was alleviated through the new addition of a donor master cylinder and oversized reservoir from a wrecked Volvo 750 wagon.

We installed the larger cylinder and manufactured a brake pedal that would function for the newly added weight. All calipers tightened up like they were meant to. The short pedal throw let us know that all was in working shape, and despite the fact that we never wanted to use the brakes, if we had to, they would stop the car.

With the cage built up, and the last of the mechanical bits behind us, we set to work wrapping the body with corrugated plastic to complete the look of a submarine conning tower. Thats about when things started getting strange.Sub Set 1

Strange especially for the driver. When fully enclosed, the driver has NO peripheral vision. In fact, unless the course if known beforehand, or unless the driver is driving VERY slowly, we figured that this car would be rather a bear to drive. But nobody suggested racing would be, or should be easy, so we continued forward with the process. And we nixxed the idea of driving with a periscope, because when all is said and done, we couldn’t afford a periscope like the navy.Sub SStart 10

As the body was wrapped in the corrugated plastic sheet, we realized that our progress was significant enough to allow some of the final graphics to be applied.

If you didn’t know, MANVIL is a design firm based in Portland, Oregon, and when we named the team The Hunt for Red Octoberfest, we were putting it together in jest, as a play on words. This was long before the Russian government changed their laws about homosexuality.

When laws are enacted that discriminate against a person for having a different lifestyle, well, we just don’t cotton to that.

So Russia, it is with pride that we emblazoned our sub with a big, gay, rainbow colored, martini drinkin’, cigar smokin’, mannatee/narwhal mascot. Here’s our salute to your ignorant, homophobic laws, from all the staff at the MANVIL/MG Design & Fab, and the crew. Go pound sand you dopes.

After the art was totally taken care of, and all the final touches were put together, we were able to race the car 5 times on race day, which was something kinda wonderful. Everybody who wanted to drive had a chance, and the runs were almost all fun and safe. (Although if you search the interwebs hard enough, you can probably find where we were knocked off course and drove over some observers.)

This final shot is one action shot taken underway… it was a safe ride, and comfortable, if somewhat claustrophobic. Sub Set 7

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