MANVIL is excited to have the chance to work with ICON4X4!

ICON closeup ICON wornIf you’ve read this blog before you know how we love stoutly built products. We’re especially excited to see smaller companies compete well in a global market.

So maybe you know how much we love Jon Ward’s California based manufacturing shop ICON. They build the finest, best equipped, best looking, off-road rigs on the road with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed. And they keep an eye on the pulse of what folks want in a superlative off-roader.

Granted, MANVIL doesn’t spend a hell of a lot of time off-road, but take a look at the work put into some of their toys like the BR Series Bronco, or the ICON Cj3B they build. Soup to nuts, ICON found a way to upgrade almost every aspect of these rigs in order to make them modern classics that are as comfortable as possible on todays meandering roads, while retaining their stunning off-road heritage.

It’s hard to find folks these days who will readily put this sort of focussed insanity together, but when you do, we at MANVIL feel it’s only right to give them honest, heartfelt respect… and we did.

We put together a great design for ICON… and they liked it enough to sell them on the ICON sales site. Beautiful 5 color discharge inks on 100% US made all cotton tees in any color you want as long as it’s black.

Why discharge you ask? Buy one, wash it, feel it. Bayside in SFO built these tees, and after OSI printed the discharge, they’re gorgeous and have no feel of a paint layer. The US made shirts are slightly more expensive, but from our perspective, it was worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, ICON has tees and we at MANVIL want to see everybody wearing one, especially at SEMA, where we are sure ICON will be represented.

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