MANVIL puts together a not too dim idea… hazzah!

NEEA BackNEEA in light NEEA shirtSo September was Bike Commute Challenge month in the grand city of Portland. Hundreds of businesses and thousands of their employees took the Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance up that challenge to ride to work for the month. (In retrospect, it was the wettest September on record.)

Oh yeah, we at MANVIL joined in. Our team of two put in 160 some/odd miles of transit to and from work. Not all of them were grueling, and miraculously, we really never did get all that wet. What we did get though, is another client.

We had the opportunity to help the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance out with their challenge tees. We did the design for the shirts because it seemed like the best way to get the word out for a good cause. (Of course they paid for the shirts, we’re not nuts)

The standard bill of fair for these sort of community events in an office competition is a cotton tee with an uninspired design on it. Because we were in the right place and we gave a damn, we put something different together.

We found a vendor who could provide us with a blank that would work better for the “Northwest athlete” than cotton.  We put a design together that looked great, and then we addressed the biggest issue with riding a bike, not being seen.

After some chatter with the folks at OSI, we found a suitable reflective ink that would allow the image on the shirt to REALLY be seen if it was hit with a headlight’s beam. We made sure our graphic on the back was large enough to POP, and we took the extra precaution to put a sleeve-long image on the left arm.

With the help of Trudy at OSI, the shirt came in on-tme, under budget and it blew away the preconceived notions of what an office event shirt should be.

Hell yes! Hazzah!


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