MANVIL concedes: summer may be heading towards southern locales…

365-Ice-StationWe run an active and busy shop, and we love summer, but we call the casa The Ice Station for a reason.

Ok, ok, we’re Portland based, so winter really is nothing too drastic, but when the signs of real winter occur, we take notice. This is MANVIL’s homage to a winter many moons back, it was the ‘winter’ we dubbed our home base “The Ice Station”.

As laughable as Portland’s winters are to a lot of northern climes, we will occasionally get a doozy. And the winter that was the basis for this graphic is one of them.

You can get a pretty good idea of how folks react to snow in Portland through the You Tubes. This one explains our fascination with ABS brakes on hills, and this one gives some insight as to how the media treats snow here. They called it SNOWPOCALYPSE!

Now, every winter, the entire staff prays silently for the return of SNOWPOCALYPSE. Nobody was seriously hurt. All the body shops in town paid double overtime. And we walked to the office like every other day on any given year.


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