MANVIL design rides on The Country Cat shirt sleeves…

CCat-Tshirt-LSlevArtPortland is the kind of town where foodies make an impact, so when an established player makes a big move, people take notice. The Country Cat is that kind of an establishment, and MANVIL is very happy to help see them towards their place as a Portland mainstay.

It’s not much of our doing, it’s in the way the place is run. It’s the great food, the great prep, the great staff, the great menu… the list goes on. Owners Jackie and Adam Sappington also have a strong artistic aesthetic, which why it’s a joy for MANVIL to work with them. They take all of the facets of a business seriously in order to provide quality foods and bevvies. And a lot of people take note of this, not just the thankful folks who live near the 7937 SE Stark St. eatery.

Big, fancy people, like Guy Fieri, who apparently roams the nation noshing on foods from all over these United States. Well, this dude Fieri has a gig with the Food Network and also has a hankering for the Country Cat’s cuisine. So on September 2nd, this pointy haired food fellow is going to show off the good works of the Sappingtons on his Food Network Show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

More people will visit the shop, and potentially large numbers of them will really want to make note of having had “The Country Cat in Portland, Oregon” experience. For that reason, these shirts are part of a production run for Country Cat, using this small logo on the left sleeves and the original “Cat” graphic designed by Eric Sappington (yep, the owner’s brother) on the front.

We at MANVIL are thrilled to see the recognition for The Country Cat, and we’re looking forward to seeing production of the next set of shirts, but in truth, we’re really looking forward to our next breakfast of Cast Iron Skillet Fried Chicken & Toasted Pecan- Bacon Spoonbread. Work is work, but good food takes precedence.




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