MANVIL putting the jets to the metal…. pt.2

photo-2So back to that ARGFest 2013 thing.

The “G” in ARG stands for game, and in this day and age of “everybody gets a prize” we at MANVIL are only kinda on board. I mean, we all get entertainment from playing the game. And for the most part, all players these days get some  SWAG that reminds us that we played. Our client sees this as well, and MANVIL was proud to help put together some of the awards for the SynthBio/Sawtooth competition for ARGFest.

What doesn’t happen that often is that some special people (read: winners) get a tangible item. An item that stands out. Something that, for as awful and high-school/college/Charley Sheen cliché as it sounds, is only given to the folks who win the game. We stand by this because we know the ARGs that SynthBio creates are level playing fields. We know the folks who work these games out, so if a team wins, they earned it with brains, creativity and skill. (Don’t look at us, we haven’t won anything they’ve put together, so there doesn’t even seem to be bias.)

If you’re gonna get something for winning first place, it should be pretty cool. We at MANVIL believe that it should stand out, have a presence, and because we dig design, we think it should be just a bit mysterious.

So without our client’s OK, we went a produced these for the winning ten players.

Made of stainless steel, with a design made for the Sawtooth Circus, and cut, blasted and shined by your’s truly, these trinkets should provide a lasting memory to those who endured the trials of the Sawtooth Circus at ARGFest 2013.

We’re proud to have been able to help, and we wish the Fest the Best.

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