MANVIL putting the jets to the metal…. pt.1

There’s no question that the past few years of near recession have proven to us all that reality can be a cruel host. Curiously enough, as MANVIL has skirted the reality of life in cruel times, we’ve come across several clients who chose to skirt reality a whole.

Welcome to the fringe of the ARG.

Sawtooth-sticker-blank-pWhen our clients at  SynthBIO, said they were getting set to put some serious effort into ARGFest 2013 we were more than happy to pitch in, even if it meant putting together finished product at Alternate Reality Gaming time-lines. (READ: FAST and SMART)

ARGFest 2013 is being held in Seattle Washington, Saturday July 27th. Check out the site for more details, or you can check out this flyer from an established University.

SynthBio needed a logo for their main character, a sort of hero/anti-hero named William Sawtooth III. This character needed something that worked for his business, The Sawtooth Circus, and he needed it soon. (Play along. It’s a game, see, and he’s a character, and he needs all this stuff to seem legit… )

So we sat down with Sawtooth’s developer and we put together this image as a representation of his Circus’s graphic.

We’ll go into more of this as we keep showing stuff off… it was a blast, trust us. That, and we had the chance to wear aloha shirts with plaid pants, because it’s our reality, and in it, there are no fashion police.

More shortly….

For more information about ARG’s, check out, or

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