Spints softball team gets new MANVIL designed tees…

Spintz-Tee-frontSo softball isn’t our main forté at MANVIL, but we do play for recreation and we enjoy it.

Alas, every team has some sort of a team shirt in the league, and up until we grabbed the bull by the balls, our team, heretofore un-named, had no shirts.

Then someone on the team, making light of our non-paying sponsor bar‘s name, came up with the solution.

The graphic fell into place, and we then had our shirts. Thus endeth the lesson.

Informal league softball rule #23: If you don’t want your foulmouthed team of free-agents to make a team shirt that might be considered a sex act, then name the team yourself and buy your own darned shirts.

‘Til then, this is our shirt. May the best team win, graphically, I think we’ve got it in the bag.

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