MANVIL supports Synth-Bio Productions at ARGfest 2013…prominently!

At MANVIL, we’re proud to support small business, especially a small business that is involved and growing strongly in an emerging market. Alternate Reality Games are on the move, and their growth is only hindered by the breadth on one’s imagination.

Many may recognize that MANVIL is a great proponent of the imagineering, so when our client and friends at Synth-Bio mentioned their involvement in ARGfest 2013, we said we’d like to help.

This is only a spoiler to what Synth-Bio is all about, but their breadth of knowledge and their willingness to expand their viewer experiences is what keeps us involved. The folks at Synth-Bio Productions provide quality entertainment that stimulates the brain, which can’t be said about a lot of things…

Synth-Bio wanted to get the idea across that they were more than just an entertainment gaming company. With their cadre of talented and entertaining staff, as well as a whip-smart, but personable accounts teams, they have been in the business long enough to know the pit-falls, as well as the gems of the Alternate Reality Gaming. They’re putting it out there now that they are, indeed, ready for bear.

And we like that. Go get ’em Synth Bio Productions!

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