Downforce Motoring updates site, gets some MANVIL graphics love…

DFM-Motoring-OG-site3It always pays to keep your website fresh, so when DownForce Motoring returned to us for some help working with the update of their site, we were happy to oblige.

We’ve always had a place in our heart for the DFM logo, of course it was our brainchild, but seriously, we like the look.

If there is a word that best describes good journalism, we think it should be illuminating. And if that journalism if focussed on the automotive arts, well then, shouldn’t that illumination be provided by a headlight?

Sure, we went a little old school for the headlight, now it seems every car comes with a bank of LEDs or some bi-xenon get-up, but the look of this light works for us.

Straight forward journalism, with a personal caveat put together by writers with discerning taste. Folks who actually give a rip about a car driving experience. That’s what we’ve come to expect from DownForce, and they deliver. Their articles aren’t long-winded advertisements from the manufacturer, nor are they dribble from a cadre of corporate shills who write what they were told as a thank you to the manufacturers who pay more for the launch party than they did figuring out how comfortable the back seat would be.

So here’s to DownForce Motoring dot com 2.0. We look forward to reading more about all of their reviews and the auto news from all over the world. Cheers!

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