Return clients SYNTH-BIO Trivia shaking up Portland’s Bingo game…

synth-bio-post-monsynth-bing-post-tuesThe good folks at SYNTH-BIO  came to us to design a new promotional poster for one of their new Bingo venues.

Following the lead given to us by the client, we wanted to run with the same low-cal, horror themed/fifties feel we went with for their trivia competitions.

What better fits with the mindset of the fifties than an old TV? And although color was really introduced to the tube in the 60’s, we think the idea helps get the message across.

We thinks it shows a little mystery, a little contrast, and a bit of a call to action.

SYNTH-BIO has been expanding their service throughout Portland, and we’re pretty stoked to have watched their growth over the time we’ve worked together.

They’ve continued taking their brand of entertainment to other watering holes throughout the metropolitan area. (Because it is hella fun) We’re proud to say that we’ve known these guys for a while, and we applaud their hard work. When MANVIL does trivia, we to stick with the stylish, classy support staff at the Rose and Thistle for the Monday night extravaganza.

In Portland, SYNTH-BIO plays trivia or bingo on almost every day of the week at locations all over the Portland area. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the two days of bingo to aid the mind-weary, but competition needy.

It’s a great time, run by smart, fun folks, and we’re proud to be able to call them not only trivia masters and bingo callers, but clients. Check out for more info.

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