standards and practices…

Davis-1.01Marketing is a funny gig, and if you add politics to the punch, the weird go pro. Despite this, things in graphics remain a constant.

When a candidate and friend of MANVIL for a (relatively) local office put his hat in the ring, we wanted to help. One of the most important facets of putting a graphic together is how, and where it will be seen.

MANVIL does graphics, and we keep the political bends somewhat limited, but our friend Dino Davis is a non-partisan candidate for a city council position in Bremerton.

His staff members put together a great sign with a very stylish, fancy looking font. The font itself was easy to read when it arrived via e-mail, but it couldn’t stand up to a 20/20 test. (At 20 miles per hour from 20 feet away)

MANVIL didn’t change anything about the graphic itself, that wasn’t our big issue. Our issue was that we couldn’t easily read the candidate’s name or anything else on the graphic from any distance. So we hijacked the image, swapped fonts without changing the content, and sent it back to the candidate. Apparently he is accepting of change, because he appreciated the work. We kinda liken it to change he can live with.

We at MANVIL support anyone who is crazy enough to wander into political office in order to do good for his/her community. Graphics can be messy, but it’s nothing compared to politics.

Go get ’em Dino!

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