MANVIL helps give a little direction for a great product… ProStart from Velocitek

Velocitek-Pinging-1.091When MANVIL was more involved in the highly physical grunt-work of working with Pete Wilson Stoneworks, part of our job was to run heavy equipment like the Bobcat MT-52. (No, it’s not the heaviest machine, but you try lifting that little bugger)

We came to love and respect these little workhorses, and a part of that love is to take good care of the MT-52 because they take good care of us. MANVIL put together a laminated maintenance cheat sheet to educate the other folks who use the MT-52 because we knew that we wouldn’t be the only one in charge of the machine’s maintenance. We made it like we like things, simple, straight forward and easy on the eyes.

Apparently, it was pretty easy to understand, because the old machine is still working hard on the job in good running order, and we have moved on.

Other folks have seen that cheat sheet, and apparently they like the instructional design aspect of the graphic. Those folks are Velocitek.

Velocitek is the manufacturer of GPS devices for racing sailboats, and their product lines pretty much speak for themselves. They make the SpeedPuck and the ProStart, both of which are technologically sound, race proven and very well put together well. (We might also add that we think the resulting product looks good.)

We can’t really chat up the SpeedPuck enough. It’s so straight forward, the batteries are the only things with directions on them. It’s small, waterproof, and a pretty remarkably smart little piece of kit for tracking sailing speeds. Granted, there are phone apps out there that kinda/sorta keep track of speed, but water is no friend to an iPhone or Droid. And should fate bring a great squall, or put the racer’s boat slimy side up, with the speed puck you won’t have to hope “the cloud” kept all your contacts, photos and apps in order. Besides, we didn’t write the directions for the batteries on the SpeedPuck, we did the directions for pinging the start buoys for the ProStart.

What we like about the ProStart is that it solves the first problem any racing sailor has. The best way to ensure victory when almost all things on a boat class are created equal, is to have a freaking excellent start. The directions to the ProStart are as simple as can be, and the inner working keeps track of the major race dynamics. The device remembers the race logistics, so when all is over but the crying, you can login, retrace your steps and figure out where the corners could be cut and where the sails should have been trimmed. (Honestly, we at MANVIL are kinda land-lubber-ish, so don’t take all of this as gospel. Check out the Velocitek site if you want the real skinny on the product)

Try the ProStart product, it’s as simple to use as these directions, and almost as pretty. Our best to Velocitek, they make some awesomely techy, good looking race tools!


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