Production rocks, and good production rocks harder!

Rusty 2013 shirt 2Rusty gold 2Production of any graphic is not an easy business. There are any number of factors that come into play, and many of them only get noticed after the product is put together.

Line weights, layering, which color is applied when and whatnot.

Thankfully, MANVIL has had the chance to work with some great printers in Portland, and we always enjoy seeing things come to fruition.

We just thought we’d take the time to give props to our vendors.

Brandon at Triumph Screen Printing, thanks for the hard work for Rusty Iron and Signal Station Pizza. Great look, great effort and ultimately, ad more importantly, thanks for pleasing our clients with great work.

MotoGFX, nicely done! The Rusty Iron 2013 awards will be well received they look great, and we at MANVIL appreciate your stepping to the plate at the last minute.

A small business is only successful through allegiances with other small businesses, so we are especially stoked to have these folks on our side.

Special thanks also goes to Keith at KW Screenprinting for really saving our bacon when the production system hit a few hiccups.

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