MANVIL produces Rusty Iron tees, awards, then follows up with mobile site, FB page and website

Rusty-2013-lay-blkGetting the word out for any non-profit event is a chore.

There are many platforms to display event information to the public, and sometimes you need to shop around to gauge reaction, as opposed to carpet-bombing the interwebs.

Facebook is a good place to start. Making an event fan page, or something of that ilk is a free and easy way to get the word out. Alas, most events managers will want a literal site. It allows for more freedom, as well as more event information, while similarly promoting a feel. Facebook is pretty restrictive creativity-wise.

For a great website that could be thrown together quickly with no coding, MANVIL decided to try the free site and domain provider Wix. Within four hours, (And with no monies out of pocket) we put together the site for the Rusty Iron 2013, and we think it’s pretty cool.

We also really appreciate the ability to put together a matching mobile site. OK, maybe ‘matching’ isn’t the perfect descriptor, but it is functional and talks about the same subject. (That, and we know the graphics guys, so it kinda matches.) ((The mobile site is here if you are using a site while reading this))

We’re excited to have been able to help Pacific Outrigger Canoe Club this year, as we have been every year since 2001.

Hopefully all of the folks from the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Canoe Racing Association will enjoy the day!

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