DongleKong packaging solutions, we dig it!

donglekong-other-side-2donglekong-bottom-2donglekong-front-2Months ago DongleKong came to us with a request to design their logo, and we really liked the way the logo came out.

We were especially happy with the way the staff of DongleKong was able to be involved in a pro-active and wide-eyed fashion. In truth, the graphic that was chosen for the final logo wasn’t our first direction at the design.

The final logo design came at a specific “aha” moment. It was a sudden, complete change of direction for us, but it was the right one for the product and the client. That moment reenforced our belief that great graphics can be a huge, successful collaboration.

When the logo presented itself, all sorts of things fell into order. The product was put together, the logo was set, and the packaging came next.

Here is the result, and to be fair, the good folks at lacucarachapress put the final graphics together for the box production, and they saw to it that the boxes (in both blue and black ink) were printed correctly. We think they look great!

Sure, there are final packaging issues to be addressed (filler, directions, further marketing and whatnot) but we at MANVIL are stoked for DongleKong. We’re stoked that the client is well satisfied with our work, and we’re also excited that end result looks so sweet. We look forward to a bright future, with even greater collaboration challenges.

BTW: We dig the easter egg in the package lid.



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