2013 Rusty iron design set for production…

Rusty-2013-FINFor the last 10 years MANVIL has been proud to design the tee-shirts for Pacific Outrigger Canoe Club’s Rusty Iron Canoe Race.

This year is no different, and we’re flat out stoked that this shirt will be made.

Paddling in the Pacific Northwest is for a hearty breed. Foul weather does not dissuade the volunteers who put on the event. Nor does it cause lasting pause to those who will (eventually) be finished paddling 7-10 miles on the oftentimes windswept Columbia River. For these rare few, the exertion and the weather play together to create the experience.

We’ve already mentioned how despicable the weather can be on the last Saturday of April, but what we may not have noted is that for every achingly awful race-day, there has been an equally beauteous day the following year. Mother nature is a fickle matriarc. She will bide by the rules she writes, and no one else’s.

The great Columbia, with her majesty and similarly unruly temperament, may also lay havoc on the race. So too might the great engine of commerce, with freighters, sailboats, fishermen and grain barges providing challenges all their own.

This is not to say that the race is dangerous, or to tell the inexperienced to avoid the race itself. This is to let those who do participate, those who managed to roll the dice towards a great adventure, that we at MANVIL see and accept their ambition. We want those who race this event to see that we recognize their efforts. May they wear these tees with the same pride that we have having designed them.

Lady’s and gentlemen, welcome to the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Canoe Racing Organization‘s 2013 season opener, The Rusty Iron! Enjoy your shirts, you earned ’em.

2013 Rusty Iron: April 27th at Frenchman’s Bar, WA

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