Rusty Iron 2013… and the awards for the winners

2013-Awards-Rusty-2On the last Saturday of every April a small Hawaiian Canoe paddling team throws the Rusty Iron.

For those in the know, the Rusty Iron is a distance race usually held in Portland beneath the St. John’s Bridge. Run on the Willamette River, it’s held in weather that can be everything from idyllic to truly awful. The race has seen brilliant sun, flashes of thunder, hail, sleet, driving rain and fog. For those who practice paddling year round, though, the weather is only a reminder of how varied spring can be in the Pacific Northwest.

This year, the 16th year of the race,  the intrepid souls who seek solace in the cadence of great teamwork will have the chance to play in a bigger venue: the Columbia River. Not that the weather will be any different, but the tides in the mighty Columbia may add challenges.

Frenchman’s Bar is the new venue, and the race sponsors are excited with the prospects. Vancouver Parks & Rec have all the paperworks signed and ratified. Vendors are planning on setting up to provide some authentic Hawaiian food, and teams from all over the Northwest have expressed interest in attending.

For our part, having been a member of the host team, Pacific Outrigger Canoe Club, we’re excited to provide the awards and tees for the event. And there are a lot of awards to hand out. These are what they’ll look like, and we like them.

We’re happy to be a part of this great event, and will be on hand April 27th for the festivities.  See you there!

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