A fine design for a technical wood worker

Louis-Todd-Bday-printThere is tangible beauty to great woodworking.

When an object has been planned, laid out, built, planed, sanded and perfectly sealed it not only looks great, but it can finish an otherwise barren room. Great woodwork feels good.

When you run your hand over the a real craftsman’s work, you can tell if it has been done right.

Take a bar for instance. When a bar-front with cabinets, counter and cubbies looks great, the establishment has a more grand appeal.

Sit at one end, look down the length of the bar and it should look straight, smooth and ready for a lifetime of sliding beers, supporting tired elbows and awkward social leaning. A bar has to be able to endure a potential lifetime of battery and remain looking somewhat classy. A good woodworker can hobble one together, a great woodworker can set the standard higher.

We at MANVIL know a number of great contractors, and some very accomplished wood-workers. We know few as accomplished and skilled as Louis Todd.

Having come from a background in construction and sundry other trades, Louis has succeeded while focusing his efforts on truly fine wood working. And it shows.

We at MANVIL are stoked to call Louis a great client and friend. (whose logo we dig) We also enjoy tipping a few back with him, on some of his remarkable projects.

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