Viva the Kenton Lagerfest

2013-KentonLagerfestSummer is coming. Despite what the weatherman may say, or what the actual weather may look like, the hinterland we live in is beginning to lean back towards the golden orb.

This shift towards the warm means that there will be changes in our attitudes and tastes.

Summer, that sweet, sweet gift that she is, calls for lighter, less full bodied libations. Summer at MANVIL calls for lager.

Summer also calls for hours to be spent slaving away on the MANVIL Adult Soapbox racer at the offices of our metal-fabricating friends at MG design & fab/LinkWall.

Located in North Portland, near the Kenton neighborhood, MG/LinkWall help great things happen for our SoapBox team, and this year will be no different. No different that is, until we breakout “The Flag“.

Resplendent with all the colors of a Portland winter, this flag, this icon of sovereignty and goodwill, shall represent this summer’s out of office work. Energy that might best be spent making the world a better place will instead be released to the ether amidst head scratching and overloading aluminum recycling bins.

This year, we will promote and hone our creative minds by attending The Kenton Lagerfest. You may see the results of our efforts at Soapbox.




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