New projects on the boards: 2WL appreciation

2WL-PostEvery design project will hopefully lead to more work, depending on how well it is received.

When MANVIL worked on a project for the SW Charter School Auction, we went in with an open mind and a willingness to help. As it happened, we found more than enough to keep our interest.

The 5 posters we designed and donated were put together on canvas not only look great, but they have a great feel. Not that the posters will spend too much of their lives off the walls being handled by whoever buys them, but still, when a project looks AND feels great, that’s a pretty nice thing. We’re a big proponent of tactile work, so we appreciate it when the look and feel comes to fruition. (We’re only making 50 of the prints, so if you’re interested…drop us a line)

We recognize that the donation was made to serve the education of kids, and we were happy to help. What we hadn’t expected is that there would be a larger interest than we had previously thought. We’re in the midst of trying to get increased production numbers together for other posters, and in the meantime, we’ve received more orders for still other posters.

Posters like this one, a 1960 BMW R62. Not only is it a grand bike, with graceful lines and a shockingly quiet twin boxer, it was completely refurbished by another of our clients Northern & Pacific Cycles. (Before anybody gets too excited, the bike has an owner and may never be for sale)


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