MANVIL backing Southwest Charter School auction

SW-Charters-to-print-smlLast post (you know, the one right below this one) we stated we were going to support SW Charter School’s 2013 Charity Auction.

Nothing’s changed. We’re still behind them, and we wish them the best in their endeavor to bring some added collateral support to the school.

What we did have happen, and what we love about this kind of thing, is that the posters we put together look phenomenal. So much so that we’ve been asked to put a few commissioned works together. So we will. And if they end up looking like what we’ve put together so far, we’re kinda satisfied they’ll be great to look at.

It does take more than just posters for an auction to work, and the event has a great batch of backers from Portland and the surrounding area. Here’s hoping our efforts, as well as the efforts of the parents, volunteers and other donating vendors allow the event to be a success. We know there was a lot put into the project, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the results.

While we’re here we’d like to give a shout to other companies that support their community’s push for education.

Hillside Imports (We like their graphic)

Mr. Greenbeans (Who here doesn’t like coffee?)

Hollywood Lighting (The bright behind bright ideas)

Zidell Companies (MANVIL loves shipyards)

Next Adventure (In a town that loves the outdoors, these guys are like Portland outdoor royalty)

Mobile West (Big boom for the vroom vroom)

Cox & Fidler Insurance (No idea what to say about them, but they support the SWSC!)

Goodell Physical Therapy & Fitness Training (No idea what to say about them, but they support the SWSC!)

Umpqua Bank (No idea what to say about them, but they support the SWSC!)

Please note, MANVIL does not work with or have anything other than cordial relations with these companies, we back them because they back the school. They probably have no idea who we are.

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