MANVIL promotes: A little charity

SW-Charters-siteMANVIL has always been a proponent of education. (We opened our doors in order to make flashcards for the education of kids. Welcome to the site!)

When the our good friend (an over-prescribed PTA mom) asked for a little donation for the support of her kid’s charter school auction, we were happy to donate. It helps that her kids are fun-loving and were wearing a MANVIL tee when we last saw them. (This was no accident. We know mom’s are crafty like that, especially this one.)

The design we put together for the project is a series of almost all of our flashcards, but on a much grander scale. These are nice, tall and broad wall hangings, on a nice thick canvas. And they should be the clean, stout images that any kid would be comfortable with. They’re put together well, and printed VERY nicely by Trade Publishing in Portland, Oregon. Subsequently, we’ve decided that if we are to continue production, we’ll stick to only 50 prints apiece.

It should be noted, when our friend the mom asked for some of our product, she also put a request in for some of the swag from the Portland Adult Soapbox. They too were pretty darned charitable supplying tees, poster and sundry other bits of swag.

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