Way cool for the air-cooled? Northern & Pacific in The one show…


At MANVIL we like good solid design. We always have.

We like the way the line curves into a hood or wheel-well. We appreciate the efforts put into making a speedometer fit between the handlebars without making it look like an afterthought. We like the subtle rounds and effective motions of allowing the splash guards to look good, work efficiently and still be easy to deal with when replacing a rear tire.

So when we came across Northern and Pacific Cycles, a small (one man) shop, that builds and rebuilds any sort of air-cooled motorcycle, we were impressed. And rightly so. They build things right, put in all the attention to detail, and they produce (or reproduce, as it were) the best rebuilt BMW Air-cooled bikes on the West coast.

Not that you should trust a graphic designer with a beat up Land Cruiser for this accolade. (That’s us by the way)

You should trust the cyclist’s peers. You should trust, say, motorcycle folks who know great work done by people whose hearts are into each and every project. You should trust folks who are so into motorcycles that they just might put together a great soiree about really freaking cool bikes, and cycling paraphernalia. A meeting to celebrate bike designs that were an amalgam of function, form, freedom and lunacy.

That soiree is the reason we landed this quick gig. And it’s why we love it so. Passion, that’s a great thing, and something we’re proud to be a part of… even if we’re in the back row.

The One Motorcycle Show 2013 asked our client Northern & Pacific Cycles to display their wares, and nobody goes to one of these things without a business card. We were thrilled to help out, and we like the results. One of these two finalists are going to the show. Which one do you think should be on the leader board?


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