Neighborhood Pizza joint shouts out for St. John’s

Signal-Station-BOM2At MANVIL, we’ve always been a fan of small business owners. The work we do for them allows us to help them grow. We like it when a plan works out that way.

When Signal Station Pizza of St. John’s (North Portland to the uninitiated)  needed a graphic to convey their landmark location as well as their awesome pizzas, we were happy to help.

The owners wanted to put together some tees in order to build a sense of community in their clientele, so we put together some ideas. We go to press shortly with these little gems showing off the locale as well as the logo. (The logo, in fairness, was put together by someone else.)

We like the design. And who wouldn’t when it celebrates a repurposed building from another era. You can find great pizza, a fine selection of bevvies and more at Signal Station Pizza, on the corner of N. Charleston and N. Lombard in St. John’s, Oregon. (8302 N. Lombard, Portland, Oregon 97203)

Here’s to Signal Station Pizza, their great pies, and soon, their killer tees!


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