When they head off to MOAB they’re ready…

DFM-Rising-SunExpedition graphics can be a great quick and dirty image to remember that at one point, you had a lot of fun. Well, you could just refrain from repairing the damage to the truck if damage occurs off-road, or let that wound you got get infected and all scarred up, but a sticker looks better and doesn’t cost as much.

When Downforce Motoring mentioning plans to take their Land Cruiser on a trek down to Moab for a Cruise Moab 2013 , we couldn’t help but feel envious, and partially invited.

DFM made it sound like a great trip. A lot of entertainment value, and a primo way to really get in tight with your Land Cruiser and the other folks who love their cruisers. How many other folks really take the 4×4 off road in an application more involved than a dump run or a spin in the snow? These are the ties that bind!

We look forward to hearing about the trip, the sun, the sand and the offroad adventures, and until then, this little sticker will have to be our donation to the DFM travel quest 2013.

We’ll hope to get the MANVIL Thunderbus up and at em to take on Moab someday soon.

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