LinkWall setting up for Spring marketing…

LinkWall3-MF LinkWall has been one of MANVIL’s clients for years, and as the modular garden wall producing company continues to grow, we’re happy to be a part of their expansion.

This quarter’s advertising is intended to be a sort of quick and dirty “what we do” that can be delivered efficiently and within the confines for the USPS shipping rules.

We at MANVIL are pretty close to LinkWall, because the genius behind the Portland made wall product is also the genius behind the MANVIL Industries’ 2012 Portland Adult Soapbox Car.

We at MANVIL aren’t experts at wall construction, although we have had a fair amount of experience being ‘involved’ in the raising and falling of walls. We’ve moved a fair share of detritus.

What we like about LinkWall is its the ease of use, the super stout construction and the ROI included with the LinkWall product.

As long as the wall is installed on a decent, compacted, and secure base, LinkWall is a proven, structurally engineered wall. Installed in however long it takes to erect the pieces. (Although you should always follow the directions, not listen the graphics guy)

So here’s to LinkWall in 2013. Thanks for the chance to help your company thrive! See you at Soapbox!


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