We don’t need to worry about the future of cars… it has been seen!

AutoPsychic-Final-12x12Clients! Yep, we love ’em.

Sometimes clients can be cryptic. Sometimes they can be pointed. Sometimes they know what’s going on right now… and occasionally, they know… THE FUTURE!

When the esteemed vehicle pre-review site TheAutoPsychic came to us, they knew what they wanted. (In advance, we’d imagine…)

So when MANVIL was able to deliver their new business graphics logo to them, a design that they’d dreamed up weeks (possibly months) earlier, we weren’t surprised. They weren’t surprised either, I mean, they came to MANVIL for their logo.

We like the simplicity of the graphic, without too much overbearing fluff to grasp at attention and clutter up the space.

Here’s to TheAutoPsychic for providing a proud, pure, and unadulterated approximation of what the auto makers are going to sending our way in the future…Without the clutter of manufacturer’s PR boilerplate.


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