On for 2013. On like Dongle Kong…

Dongle-Kong-BMBRMANVIL has had the opportunity to work for great clients, and we’re always willing to take on more responsibility. We’re lucky like that.

So we’re proud to have the opportunity to serve a Portland start-up called DongleKong.

We can’t go too far into what they do at this point, but suffice it to say, the communications between your laptop and your overhead projector just warmed a bit.

When Dongle Kong’s reps got in touch with us about needing a logo design for their website, we were indeed excited, but that’s not the half of it. The logo presented here is the result of a design exercise that took real brainstorming, collaboration and team concepting. This is the graphic end result of a series of answered questions, communicated day-dreams and free-formed ideations.

Whatever one calls it, we at MANVIL like the logo. It falls into our design strike zone.

There is no hiding the solidity of the image. It almost looks like kanji, or some other figure intensive writing form, but it remains strong. Viewers and potential clients won’t think anything “Monkey-ish” when they see the image, and we believe that’s important.

If we really want to break down what it is that you are seeing, the image displays an individual moving from one screen to an expanded version of the same image, and that’s just what Dongle Kong wants you to be doing

We’ll explain more as we are allowed to.

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