Sometimes the small mark means everything

At MANVIL, we look at a lot of graphics, it’s our gig. It helps us see things like trends, colors, layout, fonts, etc.

We like the products we represent to be functional, strong, and enduring. We work for clients whose products are similarly endowed.

So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that our favorite mode of transport is a solid piece of craftsmanship. We drive a Land Cruiser, and we intend to do so for a long time.

Not only is the “Thunderbus” a solid piece of kit that we can stand behind for a long time, she is a solid representation of what can be done to build a long-term classic. In as much, the Cruiser is more than just a big corporation’s product, although Toyota has its mark all over the body.

On the passenger door, below all of the interior cladding and door components is a small sticker. That sticker, better than a build date, or a vin number, reads AROCO, the actual manufacturer’s mark. Any vehicle from THAT factory has a better chance of surviving a long life of toilsome work than most any other car in the world.

The Arakawa Corporation (Araco) has produced Land Cruisers for Toyota since 1953, and for many, Land Cruiser is almost a stand alone mark.

So our hat’s off to Araco. Not only do they build a sweet product, they have put together a vehicle line of such quality that they nearly out-shine the corporation that sells them.

And they do so without mucking up the car with gilded or chromed markings.

BTW- We have no idea what the text on the bottom right means… any ideas?

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