Plant the seed…let it be…let it grow

A few years ago we put together some designs together for our client atomicauto. They chose one of our designs that best suited their company needs, and we kept the others we liked. After all was sorted, we then put them in the capable hands of Zazzle.

MANVIL turned to other projects. We walked away having faith that the staff at Zazzle wouldn’t put the wood to us. What a difference some time makes.

As MANVIL kept working on other clients jobs, we occasionally got a note from the Zazzle team and learned that one design or another had sold. Over time, the orders continued to pile up.

Today, as the holidays approach, we appreciate the idea behind Zazzle a bit more. Sure, it might have been nice to have produced the shirts ourselves, but that would have been cost prohibitive and we might still have stock on hand due to size issues.

So here’s to an online manufacturer who puts the goods together to get the word out. Zazzle, we appreciate your efforts, and we look forward to seeing the product you made for us.


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