The little stuff matters….

A few weeks ago a friend of MANVIL sent us a link to their major New York agency’s website with a specific link to a video project they had done for a large-budget, revered and formidable client.

The linked video was entertaining, enjoyable and kinda quirky, with some light hearted MTV/VH1 pop-up video style graphics. The content was well written and informative. The acting was curiously enjoyable, and the visuals drew and kept the viewer’s attention. It even had a pace that really made a somewhat bland “rules of on-board conduct” video entertaining for those who were, for all intents and purposes, a captive audience.

The video worked well, except there was a glaring error in it that some folks might notice.

As the pop-ups were displayed across and around the screen, displaying everything from *pop*  real staff members, to *pop* miniature 3D printed luggage, to *pop* a description of the history of loafers, the graphic for the Boeing 777-200 displays a four engined silhouette.

A layman may not recognize that a 777 is a two engined plane, but Boeing engineers and Delta staff will. And, joy of joys, perhaps a cadre of picky, outspoken graphics folks will notice the error.

Why then would the talented, insightful and well heeled agency staff not make that graphic correctly?

There are many possible reasons, but an impromptu poll of the office and adjoining bakery staff says “they were just lazy”.

We can’t help but think that there has to be a better reason. Perhaps the focus groups say “folks just feel comfortable with the reassuring notion of a cross oceanic jet having four engines”. Let’s hope they don’t look out the window.

MANVIL, focus group free since 2003.


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