The WEB: how does it all happen?

So this last weekend, in a 52 hour melee of creativity called Portland Startup Weekend, we joined about 120 or so souls in a nicely architected building to see what kind of monster could be made with all those bright brains sequestered in one place.

Now, we love the idea of hanging out with the best and the brightest. (That’s why we do Portland Adult Soapbox) So when MANVIL saw the chance to help in anyway possible we jumped in with two feet. And for good reason! The creative process allows great brains to search and source a possible start up in one weekend. One brain-wracking, caffeine swigging, brain stretching weekend. If your team is a bastion of business prowess, tech gurus and graphic excellence you might just walk from the weekend with an outside investor, a website and a functioning business model… as well as a job you created yourself, for yourself. In any respect, a ton of Portland businesses see the use in such a feeder, and they give heartily to the effort.

And it was an effort, but and awesome one! More on the team MANVIL aligned to soon, but for now we’ll just prop up an image we put together for a site called ANY DESTINATION. The idea behind it was obviously travel oriented. It sounds like a great idea, but we offered graphics only to this crew. In-depth planning and whatnot can’t be included. They weren’t our team… but we’d have helped more if they needed it.

Next time you’re feeling bright, and ready for a potential life-altering change of pace, maybe you should try You never know?! Your idea might be the best idea in the house, and you could have a startup by Monday morning… but if you don’t play, you’ll never win.

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