New, and good looking representation for PeteWilsonStoneworks…

Some clients have requirements that have to be met before they pull the trigger on a home construction job. Rightfully, they want to see the prior work of the professionals they are choosing to work on their homes. How a contractor looks on paper is a representation of how seriously they take their own work. That’s where MANVIL comes in.

In particular, a great client of MANVIL needed a great marketing packet in order to display their wares. We’re on board, and we want our client Pete Wilson Stoneworks to be represented with their best foot forward.

Stonemasonry is not a light hearted task, and the folks at Pete Wilson Stoneworks are among the best in Portland. They make the construction of dry-stack walls look easier than it really is. When walls, walkways and structures need to be build for durability and longevity it’s a real undertaking. Day in and day out the term “between a rock and a hard space” is a physical reality. Fingers, toes, shins and wrists get tired, bumped and battered, but the end result is built with pride and determination.

We at MANVIL could say this based on faith, but the reality lies that we have literally worked as a member of the Pete Wilson staff. Rocks aren’t light, soft or forgiving. They are as stubborn and weighty as one imagines, and the crew at PWS knows this, yet they still bring their A-game to the sites, and leave the completed jobs as humbly prideful of their efforts as anyone we’ve ever met.

MANVIL is proud to have a close association with Pete Wilson and his crew. And we’re stoked that PWS comes to us for their marketing work.

For the best stonework from the best crew in Portland, Pete Wilson Stoneworks is who we call.


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