Getting the word out… and the tools down

MANVIL exists because we want folks to know tools. All folks.  Men, women, kids, and perhaps even monkeys. (Although tools are what separate man (as a species) from monkeys.)

When the we were kids we were lucky enough to have parents who taught us about hammers, pliers, wrenches and shears. Luckier still, there was a shop class on the campus of our school, so there was always the opportunity to learn about even cooler tools, like presses, ban saws and sanders. And there was the chance for us, as kids, to see how we could build something robust with our own hands.

Those same opportunities aren’t available to all kids these days. And we think that’s a shame. A shame especially as the United States was made on manufacturing, not banking, porn or the health care industry.

So when our good friend the architect  Jeremy Levine told us about a project that needed some help getting the word out, we took notice.

SideStreetProjects is a non-profit organization that provides services to artists and the community-at-large in Pasadena. For the benefit of the kids in the public schools in the area, and for those who just don’t know tools, SideStreetProjects has developed a mobile shop class called AlternateRoutes. They provide the opportunity for all kinds of folks to get hands-on exposure to hand tools by driving the mobile shop class right to the site, be it a school, or the party-host or hostesses door.

In order to promote AlternateRoutes as a shop-class-as-a-party venue , MANVIL put together this postcard harkening to the old shop tickets one might have seem while their TV was in the repair shop. (Honestly, they used to do this back in the day)

We like the look of the work, and we support the efforts of SideStreetProjects.


One thought on “Getting the word out… and the tools down

  1. John,

    I’ve been thinking this for a while so it’s time I told you. Do you realize that you are the brother of Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation?”

    –“You had me at meat tornado.”


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