Hanging around in people’s basements for a long time…

Good tradesmen take pride in their work, and their well-performed services function for home-owners without issue for many decades.

As the economy turns upward, and people around Portland begin to work on home-improvement projects, good tradesmen and their efficient efforts allow home values to rise again.

As proud as MANVIL is to provide graphics for Portland’s best stone-masons, we are also happy to have Portland’s best electrician as a client. Jens Edwards Electric produce outstanding results for client’s needs, and the resulting electrical applications will remain in-tact and failure-free for many years of home-ownership. If the need for expanded electrical services arises, these stickers will lead home-owners to their home-electrical solutions.

We at MANVIL were chuffed to have the opportunity to design JEE’s first graphic. We’re even more chuffed to be able to help get the word out for JEE’s future growth.

As a clean and efficient graphic, with a hint of old school and colors the client digs, we think the stickers will serve Jens Edwards Electric as a display of professional pride for many years to come. Special thanks to Kolowerx, for helping the whole thing come together.

If you are in the need of an electrical systems upgrade, or any sort of electrical wiring applications, big or small, don’t hesitate to give Jens a call. Top notch electrical craftsmanship is Jens Edwards Electric’s gig.


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